「Oxsitis 逆の女」x「滾動對話」“Oxsitis Rebel Queen” x “Rolling Dialogue”


  • 「滾動對話 : 少數族裔及基層婦女社區賦權」
  • Rolling Dialogue: Ethnic Minorities and Grassroots women empowerment

「Oxsitis 逆の女」逆之女 Rebel Queen是個帶出「女性面對逆境時堅毅不屈」訊息,女生專屬的跑步比賽。Rolling Books聯合了這個比賽的慈善受惠機構民社服務中心 (People Service Centre)及社企妳想煮意 (Festyle) ,策劃了「滾動對話 : 少數族裔及基層婦女社區賦權」項目, 讓少數族裔及基層婦女透過參與閱讀、跑步及家鄉食品製作等活動,促進跨文化交流,共同面對逆境中的各項挑戰。

「Oxsitis 逆の女」參加者除可於終點享用到南亞家鄉小食外,慈善名額參加者更可參與本計劃的畢業聚會晚宴,與少數族裔及基層婦女一起進餐,以味蕾及耳朵了解她們逆境的奮鬥故事,亦希望「Oxsitis 逆の女」參加者分享跑步心得,鼓勵少數族裔及基層婦女投入跑步世界。

The donation raised in this event will be allocated to support People Service Centre’s project: “Rolling Dialogue: Ethnic Minority and Grassroots Women’s Empowerment”.

The project aims to promote cross-cultural exchange and social participation through encouraging ethnic minority and grassroots women to read, run and make hometown delicacies.

Participants of “Oxsitis Rebel Queen 2020” will have the opportunity to taste snacks made by South Asian communities at the Finish Point. Charity seat participants will also be invited to a special dinner when the project is finished. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet and exchange with ethnic minority and grassroots women to learn more about their stories of struggle and strength. They will be interested to know how you go about working toward your PB too!