What is Rolling Books


Rolling Books是推廣閱讀體驗的社會企業 。我們透過靈活貼地的流動概念書車,將閱讀推廣的有趣點子,駛進小學校園及關愛社區,希望將閱讀的樂趣化成真摰的體驗,讓小朋友自發投入閱讀的世界。我們也透過與其他各類機構合作,擴大閱讀推廣的影響力,重新建造閱讀體驗的新形態;我們亦會嘗試其他的創新項目實驗,推廣可持續發展知識。


-「滾動知識車」:社創基金 2018-2019
-「海洋廢物:未來的考古說明書」:世界自然基金會香港分會主辦「藍海守護者種子計劃 」 2019-2020
-「滾動對話」:香港中文大學尤努斯社會事業中心「社創領袖獎」得獎者(第一名) 2018-2019學年
-「滾動對話:少數族裔及基層婦女社區賦權」:Oxsitis逆の女2020慈善名額(受惠機構:民社服務中心;協力 : 妳想煮意)2020-2021
-Books for asylum seekers children: Sustainable Development Goals Action Fund, The Campus Planning and Sustainability Office, CUHK (Founder as the Awardee) 2020
– Multisensory Reading Experience: Operation Santa Claus/UBS NGO Leadership Programme 2019 (Champion) (collaborated with Audio Description Association (Hong Kong)) 2020-2021
-「滾動對話:雲上的童書故事」:社創基金 2020-2021


-Good Seed (Institute for Entrepreneurship and Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.) 2018
-OSC/UBS/CUHK NGO leadership Programme 2019
-Jockey Club MEL Institute Project Certificate Training Course cum Mentored Practicum 2019-2020
-Esperanza薯片叔叔共創社 2019
-Associate Member, Pre-Incubation Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 2019-2020
-Asian Charity Services, SPRINT: Hackathon for Social Good 2019
-American Express Leadership Academy (Common Purpose) 2019
-HK Goodpost 2019-
-Social Justice Fellowship Program, Resolve Foundation 2020
-科創社工學會 科技與創新社會工作培訓課程 2020
-優秀社企員工:霍穎婷,社企員工嘉許計劃 2020
-勞工及福利局「社會資本動力獎2020 ─ 標誌獎」
-Essential Guide to Effective Arts Management: Law, e-Marketing, Public Relations and Cultural Programme Development 2021
-Virtual Learning Series: Supporting Social Enterprises Navigating COVID-19 (the British Council, AVPN, and the Social Enterprise Academy) 2021

滾動的書有限公司獲香港社會企業總會頒受SEE Mark【創啟級】社企認證。

感謝No Pasa Nada對Rolling Books進行了深度訪談,對Rolling Books的面貌進行了全方位多角度的呈現。

Rolling Books如何從以閱讀為載體的創新實驗中孵化? 我們何以與閱讀相關,又不僅僅只與閱讀相關? 我們因何走上社會創新的路途? 我們希望透過閱讀為基層及少數族裔孩童帶來怎樣的幫助? 我們在疫情中又有怎樣的思考及應對措施?在未來,Rolling Books又將如何迎接新的挑戰,帶來怎樣的閱讀新趨勢呢?

Rolling Books誠邀大家與我們及No Pasa Nada一起回顧滾動路途上的點滴,一同展望未來,期待更多更有能量的滾動。

Rolling Books在No Pasa Nada的詳細訪談紀錄(十篇):

Rolling Books is a social enterprise based in Hong Kong that aims to promote the reading experience. They simultaneously work with social issues including poverty alleviation of minority groups, marine pollution, and women’s empowerment. 

James ran a bookstore 15 years ago, when it was not common in Hong Kong to have social activities within bookstores.

After leaving his bookstore, James never left reading aside. He organized running book clubs in which members would run together, and then read.

The NGO and the social enterprise work differently in terms of their business model. James chose the social enterprise and discusses Rolling Books’ income sources.

Within NGOs, it may be difficult to choose a picture book if they want to convey specific agendas. As a social enterprise, Rolling Books doesn’t face this limitation.

Reading in Hong Kong is not often thought as particularly social. James aims to make reading a trendy expereince.

Ethnic minorities children are susceptible to intergenerational poverty in Hong Kong, because the education system prioritzes Chinese [Cantonese].

Among low-income families, parents have less time with their children and children are more likely to be exposed to the digital world.

During the break from reading activities, Rolling Books has been spending more time with the ethnic minority families and have identified other needs the families may have.

Protests that began since last June in 2019 have changed the dynamics of storytelling. As a father himself, James must also think about these issues for his son.


The Promotion of Reading Experience to re-connect people with knowledge, lifestyle, and the nature.


Through a variety of innovative events and workshops relating to reading, we aim to engage students and community members to enrich knowledge and to be resilient to the ever-changing society.

關注議題Focus area

- 推廣閱讀作為體驗的旅程
- 可持續發展閱讀的倡議
- 關注跨代貧窮的成因
- 推動抗逆力應對社會狀況
- Promotion of reading experience
- Sustainability and Reading
- Understanding inter-generation poverty
- Building resilience for the changes in society